Organising unexpected team event?

If you have a birthday party, team building, school reunion, stag party, or you are just group of friends, who want to have some fun, we have a great tips for your party.

You can rent a cottage in a mountains, where nobody will be bothering you and you can be as loud as you wish. You can also organize an orientation team run, where you must complete tasks given in as little time as possible. If you are a little lazy group of people, and you just want to relax, you can just pick to go for a wellness, or spend relaxing time in nature.

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But if you want to make an impression, especially if you are the organiser, take them for a laser games! Laser games are great fun for someone, who is competitive, but at the same time loves socialising while competing. We know, you will have a lot of fun playing one of the games. What game to pick? That depends on few things. How many players are going to be in a teams? What is your experience, if it comes to laser games? Are you a beginner, an intermediate, or an experienced player?

On the other hand, the types of the games depend on what you expect. If you want to be an agent for a while, a zombie, if you want to play with a shield, with an unlimited ammo and so on. Apart Zombies and Agents, you can pick from Death match game, Bases/domination, Curse, Challenge, King of the hill and more.

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For more information, use their contact info Lazerfunpraha to find out more. You can visit the laserfun centre within opening hours till 23:00 or you can call them up and set up a different time. You will find them in Prague 9 and get there by tube, bus, tram or car. If you come with your car, use a parking spot outside of the centre. Just use a reservation info for your entry. Look at the websites and pick the best suitable game to organise great experience for your team of mates!